Unlock Your Potential


Unlock Your Potential

Dec 12, 2017/Angela Rodgers

A few years ago, I did an exercise with a business coach to try and figure out what actually motivates me at my core. The goal was to come up with two words that summarised what drives me in life and business – no easy task! After writing down about 20 or more different combinations, I found one that made sense:

Unlocking Potential

If I go back to my childhood, even then “unlocking potential” was something that motivated me to act in a certain way. At school, at home, in the kitchen, reading books. I wanted to do my best at everything – I wanted to make sure that I was squeezing as much as I could out of life.

Maybe you can relate? Perhaps like me, you discovered that there was a limit to what you could achieve working for others, and hence pursued your own path through business.

And so, jump forward to now. I’m four years in and have done a lot of learning and growing through running my own business (having two babies in that space of time has helped/hindered the process too!). Here’s some of the ways I’ve been able to unlock my potential:

Constant Learning

I’m a bit addicted to learning. Right now, my preferred mode is through podcasts, which I listen to throughout the day when I am doing things with my hands (like cooking/cleaning). It helps me use my time for maximum benefit and growth, while ensuring that any free time I do get to work on the business is spent focused on producing something of direct benefit. I also skim-read a lot of blog posts when I am searching for information on a specific topic.

Follow Your Inspiration

I seek out mentors in my field (or just cool people in general) and follow them online. It helps spur me on to see other people succeeding – seeing their potential opens my eyes to what my potential could be and how I could achieve it.

Push Yourself

You can’t reach new heights without pushing yourself a little. If you need external motivation, get a coach, a mentor, or join a mastermind. If you’re the type of person who can tend to get comfy and stop moving forward, you will need someone or something to give you a push.

Be Kind to Yourself

Although pushing yourself can be a good thing, it’s important to take a balanced approach. You are only human. Be kind to yourself. You do have limitations – your mind and body can only handle so much at once. Put your health first. I was extremely iron deficient (and sleep deprived) after having two babies in less than two years, and had to accept a slower version of “unlocking potential” for a while – and am gradually pushing myself more every day, as I feel physically able.

Constant Self-Reflection

To unlock your full potential, you need to be constantly looking within. Do you really know who you are? What makes you tick? The kind of life you need to thrive? Take time out on a regular basis to unpack your thoughts and feelings, and revisit your goals. Make sure your current activities are in alignment with where you want to be, and if they aren’t, start making changes now. I have written out some precise goals and dreams for my life. I know the sort of environment I can flourish in (i.e. unlock my full potential!), so nearly everything I do is about bringing me closer to that eventual reality.

Set Goals

The problem with being motivated to “unlock potential” is that your task can seem endless. There’s always a new layer to unlock, and new things to achieve. I’ve learned that it’s important for me to set goals along the way to help me see the progress I am making. Seeing that I am succeeding propels me on to succeed even more!

So here I am now. My current version of unlocking potential means that I work as much as I can in between my (equally important) job of being a mumma and wife. I really do try and squeeze every bit of potential out of every moment in my day. Even when I feel like I’m going nowhere (like when you see crumbs on the floor you just vacuumed -.-), I know deep down in my soul, I can feel satisfied that I am doing my absolute best.

Here’s to all of us unlocking our full potential, whatever that looks like for you!

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