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The Honest Quill - Why Work With Me?

I am of the firm belief that the concept of coaching is entirely scientific. When you train your brain to act and think a certain way, your brain neurons and synapses are all firing unanimously and this entire process is so chemically steeped.

I coach introverts to be exceptional copywriters and to brand their business from a personal space within. From personal experience, I truly know that introversion is shaped by social conditioning and you can break yourself out of it. I just cannot accept it when someone tells me they were born an introvert because I am living proof that you are not. I grew up in a toxic social atmosphere fraught with serious issues like school yard bullying, racism, and workplace harassment. I don’t look at myself as a victim, I’m more of a mindset warrior because with the right help, you can totally shift your mindset and start afresh. I’m not saying that being an introvert is bad for your personal social life. I’m saying that being an introvert is bad for your business when your true agenda is all about serving clients. If you aim to be an armchair visionary while you delegate all of your business functions and just be behind the scenes, that’s totally cool but that means we are not a good fit and you won’t want to work with me 1:1 on my signature coaching programme which is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and learning to share your personal journey and struggles.

Packing up my bags and moving to Australia was the best investment I ever made in my life for myself. I met incredible mentors and tutors who believed in me and my potential to turn words into emotions. I topped all of my writing classes and modules but never knew years back at that time, that my true calling was this.

For me, I find it very hard to just read something and change my mind. I don’t want to throw a bunch of information at people and tell them to go change their lives. I want to transform their lives to truly bring out the essence of their branding and this means they need more of me, not more of my content. People always talk about giving away freebies, downloadable PDF documents, ebooks etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as they form part of your strategy and sales funnel to make some decent sales but I want to give something beyond that: all of me.


D iploma in Mass Communications
Degree in Creative arts and the Juris Doctor
Post Grad Diploma in Legal Practice.

This is a good testament to how much I love the arts and the law. After years of hobby writing (poems and short fiction), working in a media production company and working as a Compliance Manager at a major bank, I found a real passion for writing in a way that can influence + impact. Combine my passion for all things creative plus a legal background, this cool combo gives me the confidence to take on any projects big or small.


I am a mum to two little boys, so I’ve been there, done that and still doing it. Juggling full time work, a side hustle, household chores, mummy duties, all of the above. If you are a parent, I get what your current lifestyle is all about and can help you achieve your desired lifestyle. It takes a lot of dedication and soul to craft your business and story but there’s nothing better than getting your very own business cheerleader to be with you every step of the way.


I run my own fair trade and socially conscious store so I know the ins and outs of starting a small business that has a very specific niche, the challenges that come with it and the tips and tricks to overcome them. I invested time and money into my own private coach who held my hand and helped me shape the direction for the business. It was the best thing I did after so much contemplation about investing time and money I didn’t have.

There comes a point in time when you will stretch yourself thin and realise that you just can’t do everything by yourself. So it’s time for me to pay it forward. For me to help other businesses and parents with little humans to find their story and unique selling point. Besides, wouldn’t you want your own buddy to bounce ideas off, call you out on something that doesn’t work, and just guide you in your path. Think of me as your #bizbestie

Raw & Real

R aw and real - that’s what you’ll get from me. I’ll be painfully honest about what is currently working, what will work and what won’t work. Honesty and transparency are paramount to any working relationship, so if something is not working, let’s call it out and work through a solution together.


W e don’t sell a service. We sell a personalised lifestyle. A lifestyle of freedom, for you to call the shots as a #bossbabe especially if you are a mum and want to focus on family life instead of working your butt off on something that is not producing results. Life is short so go for that opportunity and start living, not stressing.


A s cliche as this may sound, we spend more time carving niches than carving meats. We only work with niche markets, so if you think your products are too cool for the mainstream mass, we should be hooking up. We know because we spent a tonne of time and effort trying to market our fair trade and sustainable products.

Our business and branding was all about ancient crafts, revival and restoration. We only worked with fair trade groups that specialised in vintage crafts such as handblocking, vegetable dying and woodturning. We had heaps of trouble putting our stuff in front of our ideal tribe. But once we did it with great content, it was magic and we can help you achieve that too.


W e have industry connections and access to some of the best illustrators, writers and designers (spoiler alert - this is my personal opinion!), so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that to complement your story?



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