Our Story

The power of a brand and business is lost without the written word.

The Honest Quill - Our Story

A successful business is all about stories. We believe in that wholeheartedly, but it can’t be just any story - it has to be your story - authentic and real. The Honest Quill is a collective pool of resources woven together to write your brand story.

The idea came about after coming across hundreds of small businesses on social media that had great concepts but lacked clarity, vision and purpose. Businesses that should be having thousands of followers but were struggling to find that ideal client and engagement because they didn’t know how to tell their story. To be brutally honest, we were one of those struggling businesses with a great, ethical vision but no tribe to appreciate it! Until things turned around with our very own private coach who uncovered our brand story and drove its essence real hard.

Ours is an ongoing story but yours is just beginning and we want to share that journey with you. Crafting a brand story is essential, especially if you don’t have a mainstream market. The Honest Quill will help you uncover the essence of your brand and pen a brand story that is uniquely yours. A story that will set the context and most importantly, sell.



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