Transform Through Travel


Transform Through Travel

Feb 23, 2018/Zanny Byron-Davis

Traveling is one of those activities that you can do just for fun or you can do for deeper meaning and even for transformational change. In my own life I have used it to create massive changes and to improve my overall health, well being and happiness. The joy I feel when I travel compares to nothing I have ever experienced before (disclaimer: I am not a mother just yet so I can truly say that!). Traveling has allowed me to be authentically me, and given me the courage to make major life decisions. As a person who has constantly been plagued with deep fear, shyness and doubts, I needed ways to break the walls I had built around myself and find the true, authentic me. I needed to discover who I really was and what my strengths were, so that I can play those up to achieve the life that I desired and craved for myself.

Happiness has always played an important part in my life. I decided that I wasn’t going to do things or be around people who made me unhappy. I have a natural optimistic and positive personality and anything other than that can deeply impact me negatively.

I started traveling from an early age with my family but my first International trip was in my teens and it shaped my life, changed everything and was the start of many adventures down the track. I knew from that moment, that I was going to do whatever it takes to travel more, see more and experience more.

Of course it started as me just wanting to have amazing experiences and see amazing things but over time I realise the effects it was having on my life. I started looking and thinking of innovative ways to do things that was different from what everyone else around me was doing. I no longer felt the need to fit in and I loved being just me. I started accepting myself for who I was and I tried to improve because I wanted to improve myself and to grow, not for anyone else but just for own self.

I started stepping out of my shyness, started meeting new people and forming lasting, memorable friendships. I got to learn from other people’s experiences and gain wisdom and understanding from them. I slowly started getting to know myself and the things that I loved to do. I loved the new person I was shaping to be. I was becoming more confident in my decisions and ultimately in myself.

I learnt to step out of my head and just live the life that I was created to live. I learnt to not only enjoy my life but to balance it by taking on challenges. I realised that without challenges you never know what you can do and what you can achieve. As humans love to think we know ourselves but we are constantly learning and growing as we interact with new people and experience different things. Our outlook on life changes as we form new opinions and beliefs.

I would always encourage people young or old to travel to know themselves, travel for fun and enjoyment but more than anything else travel for true enlightenment. If you indeed travel and open yourself to experience all that is in front of you, you can be sure that it is your life’s purpose to constantly keep upleveling and improving. To move forward with new ideas and you would get the courage to put these ideas into action. You will no longer be afraid to show up as you, and you no longer care about other people’s opinions of you. You now want to be a change in the world, one that affects other people positively and encourages them to be that change also. Make travel a part of your goals and everyday lifestyle and discover a whole new person you never imaged was possible.

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